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Every piece of furniture was based on a tree, and every large tree had inspiring stories told in its shade by a dignified man. This man was a skilled carpenter who made artistic pieces from the tree to find their place in a warm house. Years passed, and the dream that started from a small carpentry in 1972 AD became a luxurious exhibition that only the finest and most beautiful types of local and imported furniture from the finest international brands could enter.

Fathallah Furniture is a success story that started with the father and continued with his Sons  and will be passed on, God willing, to the Grandson.

We are distinguished by our uniqueness in the furniture sector, and we will continue our successes in the fields of design and aesthetics through our principles of work.

We create the most popular lines to create an impressive look within homes' living spaces through our designs, incorporating our own Fathallah Furnishings culture.

About Fathallah Furniture

Fathallah Furniture stands as a renowned destination, celebrated for its discerning collection of top-tier furniture items, catering to the most refined tastes in interior design.

Our Story

A success that began with the father in 1972 and continued with his sons until this moment and will be immortalized through the grandchildren.

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